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Reliable and familiar, the lantern light turns on every night for over 160 years. And the Cape Spartivento Lighthouse continues to be a landing for sailors, a promise of refuge for contemplative and anxious souls. Without losing its soul, the silent guardian of the southern end of Sardinia opens to the welcoming and reborn as an exclusive Guest House. Waiting on your arrival you will not find a reception but the warm and professional welcome of our staff, discreet mediation between you and the Faro. With a few close associates, your stay will go far beyond the walls of a Suite. At your disposal, the unlimited spaces of a Mediterranean horizon and the unforgettable days of a tailor-made experience tailored to your needs. In the utmost freedom, you can choose when to have breakfast, which volume to choose from the library, from which corner of the terrace to admire the sunset. You will agree with the chef's lunch and dinner menu, you choose from the bottles from our cellar. The Faro-Spartivento Lighthouse is today the only lighthouse in Italy dedicated to hospitality, and the only experience you can experience among its ancient walls: a new luxury concept, where exclusivity and authenticity meet. Without placing any filter between you and the Lighthouse, our staff will be able to accompany you with discretion. We will not offer you a haunted holiday, or a performance built to art. The undisputed protagonist on Capo Spartivento's rocky stage is nature, which will give you monologues of quiet and stormy interpretations. THE HISTORY OF THE HEAD-SPRING LIGHTS Built in 1854 by the Italian Navy, the Capo Spartivento Lighthouse was one of the true lights of Vittorio Emanuele of Savoia, whose initials are still in the wrought-iron frieze, entrance. Machine-gunned by American planes during World War II, the building underwent its first and only restoration at the end of the conflict. It hosted the Pharos family until the 1980s, when automation swept away the guard switches. Fallen into oblivion for over 30 years, in 2006 begins the second life of the Faro. A metamorphosis begun many years before, a long-lost childhood dream in the drawer, an ambitious project that became reality thanks to the passion and dedication of those who put their heads on us and the soul. To trace the route once again, Faro Capo-Spartivento is today the first and only lighthouse in Italy to be welcomed, rewarded by the tops of the Italian Navy as an example of military architecture retrieval.

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