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B612 is an unconventional hotel that brings in Trentino Alto Adige an innovative concept of hospitality and catering. Born from the idea of ​​representing the place where you are free to be yourself, as on the Little Prince Planet B612. The Hotel B612 in Levico, with its modern and essential design, is a true freedom box. Fun for those who love adventure, take life with enthusiasm and try out new adventures every day. You can choose pure adrenaline and have fun among the many choices ready for you! From paragliding to extreme rafting, from water skiing to canoeing in summer, from safe ice and snow riding sessions and ice climbing in winter! Discover our Adrenaline Packages for all tastes! And when the day seems to be over, the party begins and continues the fun! In Fabbica di Pedavena Restaurant you never get bored! A rich program of live events await you to enjoy your nights and wait for dawn for a new adventure! Live music concerts, DJ-Set, cabaret evenings with the most famous Zelig and Colorado comedians, Speed ​​Date, Revival and Dance! And you can enjoy the most fun if you book the room together with the event! Gift for you a front row table and free late check out until 3pm! Discover the event calendar and book your Factory Evening right now!

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local_parking Parkimi në dispozicionParkim falas
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restaurant Restorant.
directions_bike  biçikletë miqësore
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smoke_free Dhoma pa duhan
pets Pets pranuar
room_service Pritja 24/7
pool Pishine
spa Në llixha
beach_access Plazh i rezervuar
hot_tub saunë
fitness_center Palestër
golf_course Objektet sportive
local_florist kopsht
rounded_corner Terrace
weekend sallë pritjeje përbashkët
child_friendly Zona e jashtme për fëmijët
child_care Zona e brendshme e fëmijëve

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